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Recent updates

  • Article: May 22, 2017

    Responding to last night's Scottish leaders' debate, and the social media outcry it provoked, Scottish Liberal Democrat general election campaign chair Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP commented:

    ''Last night the First Minister faced perfectly fair questions from a nurse, which she was unable to answer. Within minutes the nurse was set on by the online Nationalist army. It was ugly, but is typical of a movement which has always been intolerant of differing views and is now losing support.
  • Article: May 20, 2017

    Scottish Liberal Democrat general election campaign chair, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has today, at a campaign event in Edinburgh, urged young voters to make sure they register to vote before the deadline so that they can have a say in the future of their country.

    With the deadline for registration in two days time, Mr Cole-Hamilton claimed that considering the importance of this election, young people cannot afford to sit it out and must get involved and vote.

  • Article: May 20, 2017

    Scottish Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for North East Fife, Elizabeth Riches, has expressed concern over the continuing delay in the Ministry of Defence agreeing to let out empty MOD properties in Leuchars and Cupar.

    Mrs Riches said, 'Since the RAF left Leuchars, over 100 properties have been lying empty for over three years. As this issue has been continually raised, I was pleased to hear that the MOD are now considering whether these houses should be let out. With over 12,000 people on the waiting list in Fife, there is a shortage of housing, especially in North East Fife, but there seems to be a total lack of urgency on the part of the MOD in addressing this. The most recent communication from their estates simply says they are 'considering options for dealing with this.'

  • Article: May 19, 2017

    Scottish Liberal Democrat general election campaign chair Alex Cole-Hamilton will today be joined by young activists outside the U.K. Green Investment Bank headquarters in Edinburgh where Mr Cole-Hamilton will call on young voters to register so that they can have a say in their future.

    At a campaign event in Edinburgh while protesting the selling off of the UK Green Investment Bank, Alex Cole-Hamilton will urge young voters to make sure they register to vote before the deadline so that they can have a say in the future of the country. Mr Cole-Hamilton will declare that only the Liberal Democrats are making the steps necessary to leave behind a green legacy for future generations.

  • Article: May 19, 2017

    Scottish Liberal Democrat general election campaign chair Alex Cole-Hamilton has today written to Liberal Democrat target seat campaigns across Scotland warning them to expect an imminent visit from the First Minister.

    Mr Cole-Hamilton's initiative comes after the First Minister has been in the shadow of Willie Rennie for ten days as he has visited target seats across Scotland including East Dunbartonshire, North East Fife, the Highlands, the North East and Edinburgh West.

  • Article: May 19, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats recently distributed a letter signed by Dr Clare Gerada setting out her view on the challenges facing the NHS.

    Clare absolutely stands by those comments however the letter did contain incorrect details regarding Clare's time at the Royal College of General Practitioners. We thank Clare for publicising her concerns about our NHS and apologise for the drafting error. Here is the correct version of Clare's letter:

  • Article: May 18, 2017

    With the announcement of the Conservative manifesto today, Theresa May has shown her true colours. I've scarcely seen a colder, more mean-spirited agenda in my entire career.

    There's no doubt about it: the Nasty party is back. The Tories are hitting families from cradle to grave by snatching school lunches from children and homes from the elderly.

  • Article: May 17, 2017

    A couple of weeks ago, in Kidlington near Oxford, I met a guy called Malcolm. I say met…he came up to me in the street and started shouting at me.

    You might have seen it on the news. Or the internet.

    In the end we actually got along. But he was angry with me for not getting behind Theresa May and backing Brexit. I think I calmed him down a bit when we spoke, but I don't think I changed his mind.

  • Article: May 17, 2017

    Scottish Liberal Democrats have today said that mental well being of young people must be made a priority after new research by the Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS) revealed that pupils in the most deprived areas have worse mental well being than their peers.

    The research follows shocking new figures revealed by the Liberal Democrats earlier in the week which showed children waiting over 600 days for vital mental health treatment.

  • Article: May 17, 2017

    On a visit to a local business in Glasgow this morning, the Liberal Democrat former business minister Jo Swinson set out the positive steps the party would take to support the economy and jobs.

    This comes after the most recent GDP figures show Scotland on the edge of recession. The Scottish unemployment figures, published again today, have wavered over recent months, showing the patchy performance of the Scottish economy.